Our Values

Our values were chosen by our employees and represent our shared identity.


Teamwork among team members and among teams is one of the main reasons of our success. Teamwork is part of our identity code and is nurtured daily.


We trust the people we work with and their vast experience. And we know they trust our company.


We are aware all actions have consequences and we want ours to have the best possible result. Thus, we know all our decisions must be responsible and conscious.


Acting with integrity and with a strong ethical sense is what allows our company to be a place where our employees enjoy to be. We chose righteous people to work with and we enforce and encourage such attitude by all means in all circumstances.


No positive result could be achieved without ambition. Ambition to be more and better. Ambition to seek the best solutions to every problem. Ambition to face any challenge as a new opportunity.

Areas of Intervention

Our five areas of intervention were directly chosen by our employees and we strongly support their sense of responsibility.



Non violence


Social Solidarity


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